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Q:  How do I charge for packing when using the Green Packer?

A:  Your billing stays the same! The Green Packer becomes your mirror carton, or your third party crate.
     It becomes your expensive armor pack for flat screen tv's! Which in turn, makes you more money! 

Q: How much money does the Green Packer save me on an average move?

A:   That number would be nearly impossible to estimate. Every move is different. During testing, we saved an avg. of               $175-$200 per move over the course of 2 years. *Please note this estimate is only any estimate during OUR tests            with other drivers. YOUR savings could vary.

Q: Are parts available to repair my Green Packer?

A: Yes! Every part of the Green Packer is available by order. Contact us @ 740-426-6900. We will gladly assist you with        anything you need.

Q:  How long will the Green Packer last me?

A:  Due to heavy duty, durable contruction, the Green Packer will last for many years when properly cared for. This                product was designed by a mover, for a mover, to withstand normal everyday usage for years.

Q:  Can I load on top of the Green Packer?

A:   Yes you can! The wheels on the Green Packer are designed to withstand over 275lbs of pressure per square inch.             So load as much as you like!

Q:  How soon can i get one?

A:   Available now and in stock! Call 740-426-6900 today to discuss shipping options.

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