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Owner Operators / Companies

Space saved on your trucks puts more money in your company's pocket. The Green Packer allows you to load more items on your moving trucks, every time a Green Packer is used.

The adjustable felt covered panels in the Green Packer safely holds and protects everything packed inside, eliminating the need for bulky crates, cardboard boxes, mirror cartons and like materials.

Using traditional packing methods to pack the items shown in our video presentation will require about 95 cubic feet of space on the truck. Packing these items in a Green Packer requires about 32 cubic feet of space.

  95 cubic feet
- 32 cubic feet  
  63 cubic feet saved

Using a 60 cubic feet of new space saved per load example X 40 households moved per year average, frees up about 2400 cubic feet of space per truck, per year.

Save Space on Your Truck

Spaced saved per truck

How much space does our Green Packer save?