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    When I first tried this box,I was concerned about two things.
The size and the space. When just filling it with pictures,mirrors and glass tops,I almost saved half the cube even with doubling up on the pics.
Because I use the box for my SIT shipments, then pack the Mir. Ctns. At the whs. It works great!!! So the size is fine.
So for the price.It paid for it's self in 3 months.Not counting the time it takes to pack 20 to 25 mirror ctns.
I recommend this box to all you self pack haulers who want to save time,money and space!!!!!!
-------------Thank You.--------------
----------Mark Johnson--------------   Alexanders- Agent of Atlas Van Lines



We've been using the Green Packer now for about 3 months.   I want to tell you that we've been extremely impressed with both the design and the quality of construction of these boxes!    They're extremely sturdy and durable, and the white laminate material keeps them looking clean, sleek  and professional.   (I've been wondering why we can't use a material like this for our O&I carts as well!)  

We've found that these boxes are a great tool for helping to book local moves, where customers simply don't want to pay the cost for packing or crating of their flat screen TV's, glass tops and art work, yet crews don't want to handle these items without proper protection.    The same goes for large commercial office moves.   These boxes are a great solution for these kinds of problems.

Jim Weiant

VP General manager
Chipman Relocations-Agent for United Van Lines

Just wanted to let you know that we received the Green Packer and the initial feedback from the crew is positive. A big time saver for the guys versus either packing in boxes or having to pad wrap glass and pictures.

It is always challenging selling mirror cartons on a local move because of the cost, and this gives us a great way to avoid that and still get the items there in one piece.

Great product! We will be ordering more before next season!

Have a great day,

Tony Gallo
Gallo Moving And Storage
Agent for United Van Lines

Recently we purchased a Green Packer from Pack-All. Although we have only used it on a few jobs so far, I can predict we will be purchasing more. Previously we were using TV crates for flat screen TV's and mirror cartons for pictures and glass sheets. This is soooo much quicker for us and safer for the clients belongings! 

This crate is easy to use and is strongly built! I expect to have years of service from it.

Thank you,
Tony Baumer
Owner - BD Movers

Check out the youtube video of us using the "Tony Box"


What an "awesome" product. The best money I've ever spent. This Green Packer does exactly what they say it will, it saves time and money. I spend less on material and labor and finish my jobs
in less hours, which allows me more time for driving or relaxing. I have not had a single claim using my Green Packer, and my shippers love it. They no longer have to unpack or discard any debris from items packed in this product. If you are an owner/operator, this is a must have tool.

Thanks Pack-All.     

Gary Dill
                                                                                                     Owner/Operator, Atlas Van Lines

Dear Pack-All

I have had a Green Packer on my truck for over two years. I have never seen or used a more effective moving tool. It has saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours of time. Not a single item damaged and my customers love it. The Green Packer is so easy to load and roll onto the truck that I would not consider going on a job without it, ever. I 100% recommend that every Owner Operator looking to save time, energy and money should also use this incredible moving tool.

Jay Hall
Owner Operator, Atlas Van Lines


I had the good fortune of learning about the Green Packer via youtube.  My family was moving from Columbus, Ohio to Houston, Texas. I was terrified to trust regular moving personnel with our flat screen TV's, my husband's lifelong record album collection, and other fragile things. We used the Green Packer and fit EVERYTHING into it (3 TV's, a stand, a tiered glass table, and 100's of record albums.) The Green Packer is a brilliant piece of moving equipment! It's large and flexible and fast to pack. And everything arrived safe and sound. What a wonderful environmentally-friendly idea as there is no paper or shrink wrap to recycle!

Sara Browning
Houston, Texas
March 2012

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