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The mission of the owners of Pack-All was to develop a moving tool that reduces the time required to pack mid to large households by over 100 hours per truck, per year, while reducing today's material expense by $5,000 to $15,000, per truck, per year, at 40 loads moved per year averages.

The time, money, space and energy savings gained by placing a Green Packer on your trucks are so significant that the Green Packer is a moving tool that you cannot afford to leave off your trucks. The Green Packer easily pays for itself within a few moves, and your billing stays the same.

The Green Packer was created by moving professionals with 40 years experience in packing and transporting households across America. Used just one time, moving professionals will never take on another job without a Green Packer on board.

With the cost of equipment, fuel and materials constantly going up, you cannot afford to run another job without a Green Packer on board. If you cannot afford to waste $5,000 to $15,000 or more, per year, per truck, you need a Green Packer on all of your trucks.

The future requires that you find ways to create more profit, save time, energy and space.

Your company, drivers, packers and customers will love the Green Packer

The Mission Of Pack-All LLC

Created By Moving Professionals