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Owner Operators / Companies

The Green Packer allows you to safely pack pictures, paintings, computer monitors, flat screen TVs, mirrors, glass, marble and wood table tops and like items in minutes, not hours. Time is now available to load, travel, rest or take on additional moves.

When packed, the Green Packer is easily rolled onto your trucks eliminating 8-12 trips typically
required to load the items shown below by hand. The items below were safely and easily packed into a Green Packer's protective felt covered panels in less than 5 minutes.

1 42 inch plasma TV
1 37 inch flat screen TV
1 Marble table top
1 large mirror
2 glass shelves
15 large to medium size paintings and pictures

Using a 40 households moved per year avg. and 4 hours avg. Time saved per move frees up 160 hours per truck, per year. Using a 40 hr. work week average, the Green Packer frees up the equivalent of 4 weeks per year! Your operators can take on more work, travel with less urgency and work more effectively.

Increasing Productivity Increases Profit!

Saving Time Saves Money!