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The Green Packer helps you make a lot more money, and retain more of what you earn. An increase in profit of $5000 to $15,000 for mid to large trucks per year will be common. In our video we safely packed the items listed below in 5 minutes, eliminating $540 worth of material, and 4 hours of labor.

Items Loaded In The Video     Typical Packing Cost


Labor cost saved at $12 per hour X 4 hours      
Material Cost Needed To Pack These Items Using the Green Packer


Billing does not change, the Green Packer becomes your cartons, crates, paper and like items.

Annual Benefit: Using the $588 material and labor saved in this example X 40 similar households moved per year, shows a Gain of $23,520 Per Truck, Per Year. Using an example of just $200 in material and labor savings average per load X 40 households moved in a year, $8,000 in New Profit Is Gained.

1 wood packing crate
1 Armour pack
1 wood packing crate
1-4 piece mirror carton
2-4 piece mirror carton
15 mirror cartons at $5 ea.
1 42 inch plasma TV
1 37 inch flat screen TV
1 Marble top
1 Large Mirror
2 Glass Shelves
15 large to medium size paintings/pictures

Material cost to pack this load 

The Green Packer helps you make MORE MONEY!

Billing does not change! NEW PROFIT is gained!